October 20, 2016

Welcome to the Life Witness Website

The Life Witness program is a community of volunteers who reach out to God's people with the precious message that all life is sacred and must be guarded and preserved.  This program is an extension of Christian Life Resources, Inc. with a direct link between our national office in Richfield, Wisconsin, and a volunteer network working in connection with our WELS/ELS congregations around the country.

Life Witnesses are one or more members of a congregation who work with their pastor to help create an awareness of current life issues and inform others of upcoming pro-life events and programs.  These members are encouraged to promote programs in their communities and congregations that support the sanctity of life.

Please join us!  You can get started right now by signing up to join the Life Witness program.  The program is free and your information is confidential.

Have questions?

For more information about the Life Witness program, contact our Life Witness Coordinator, Mrs. Helen Fleischmann.  You may call her at 1-800-729-9535 or contact her by email.

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